Monday, October 1, 2012


1// 2// 3// 4// saying bye to Saratoga
5// 6//7// Philadelphia
 8// 9// first look at Virginia Beach

The past few days have felt like weeks. They were filled with packing up our things, a night in an empty apartment, Douglas's graduation ceremony, saying goodbye to people and places, driving down the east coast, a quick stop in Philadelphia, fabric overdose at Jomar, more driving, our first look at Norfolk, and exploring where we'll spend the next three years of our life. Today we start looking for apartments. I'm feeling really overwhelmed, but as we make these steps to setting up our life here, everything feels more approachable and exciting...though sometimes it's hard to not think about everything at once.

Also, even though 30 Days of Lists is actually over now, I am I still have about a week worth of lists to share. I'll be working to get those up as soon as I can.


  1. it's so exciting and kinda romantic in a way, picking-up and leaving together! hope the apartment hunt goes well - virginia beach looks pretty :)

  2. Saying good bye is always hard.
    Welcome to VA, neighbor :)

  3. New places are both amazing and so hard! Wishing you luck with apartment hunting!

  4. what an exciting adventure! :) good luck finding an apartment! I hope you snag somethin' really cool! :)

  5. Oh my goodness it looks gorgeous! That exposed brick is perfect :)


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