Friday, September 28, 2012


1// packing 2// tortoise friend
3// last gummy heart 4// at the balloon festival
5// Chinatown grocery 6// NYC pizza

• packed everything up and got ready for the movers
• had a few last New York adventures
• went to Douglas's prototype graduation
• looked forward to our new life in Norfolk

Ride : Lana Del Rey
this little girl stealing the spotlight
• Aaron Paul winning an Emmy
this beastly candle maker
dotty backpack
DIY vintage suitcase table

We're on our way to Virginia as we speak. Tonight we'll stop about halfway in Philadelphia for the night. And we should be in Norfolk by Sunday, so we can start looking around and finding our new place!

I'll be posting as much as we can, and you can follow along on Instagram to see little details along the way: jessemcknz

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I want that backpack to make that suitecase table STAT! Love this stuff, have a great weekend and nice trip!


  2. Tortoise!!! Good luck with the move, exciting stuff x

  3. I've never done this before but I tagged you for the Liebster Award on my blog today!


  4. Hi, so glad I stumbled on your very creative blog.
    Aw, is that a real tortoise? They're so cute, like little old men, haha.

    le fresne x


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