Friday, August 31, 2012


August was a really busy month for us. But it was all really good. September came really fast, and we can already feel the fall air coming in. The mornings here are getting a little chilly, and as we were driving back from Albany on Wednesday, we saw some trees along the interstate that had begun to change color. This would be the part of this where I say how great September will be, but it's all a little up in the air for us right now. That's Navy life, huh? Here are a few of the posts that I loved the most this month:
What did you love about August? What do you have to look forward to in September?


  1. Looking forward to my son's birthday! :) but missing him and his lovely wife!

  2. my favourite post was your diy wedding one - so many cute ideas!
    i'm super excited for my friend's wedding on saturday plus renegade craft fair in a couple of weeks! but in all honesty I've got my sights set on october :)


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