Monday, June 4, 2012


Our life in our new town so far has been:
walking more than driving // really green grass // laundromat time // movies in Albany // making the most of our time together // visiting family I never see // learning to cook more // making our little apartment a home // keeping things we need and donating the rest // getting used to Douglas' long work hours // lots of new ideas and goals

Also, some news: I will be selling by bags and bows for five Thursday throughout the summer at the Saratoga Artisan and Crafters' market downtown Saratoga. I'm really excited to have this to work on and look forward to. I still feel fairly (or really) out of place here though I'm getting to know the area more and more. And I feel that participating in something like this is just what I need. So expect some updates on this throughout the summer!

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  1. o i hope you're loving it! i'm headed up that way this weekend to camp out and see dave matthews at spac (saratoga performing arts center). i wish i'd be there on thursday so i could check out your booth! maybe you'll be selling when i'm at lake george in august :)


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