Monday, April 2, 2012


Staying at my parents' house means staying in my old room, looking through the little details and things I lived with for years and years. Here are a few of them. I love this last picture. It's my bouquet from our wedding, with Katie's, my maid of honor. It's kind of neat to see things I put on my walls when I was 13 with things that are more relevant to my life now.


  1. Do you play the guitar?! If so,what songs can you play? I used to have a bass and wanted to learn so bad,but then when I got it,only wound up learning one song. I love reading Shel Silverstein's books after all of these years! :P Does that make me lame? I like that first picture a lot,too.

  2. Ah, I over looking back at your wedding! It looked so wonderful! It makes me want to post ours! I loved loved loved your wedding dress to!

  3. I wish I played the guitar! That one is actually a children's guitar from when my mom was little. I just like having it around. I have had many friends attempt to teach me basic guitar chords, and I can't even do it. And you're so not lame! I love reading Shel Silverstein still, too!

    I'd love to see pictures from your wedding! I hope you post it.

  4. So many good books! First thing to catch my eye was Blankets though.
    Also, adorable embroidery hoop face.


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