Friday, March 9, 2012


Here's what I've been working on for my little shop. I'm obsessed with metal zippers that have different colored tape or fabric on the edge. Absolutely love the little pop of color. 
I've just added a good handful of plain zipper pouches to the shop. And a few fold over clutches, like the one below.
And a few more pencil pouches. I just need to talk about this outfit fabric for a second. It's my favorite fabric ever right now. The teal color is so bright, and the little details in the clothes and accessories are so charming. I'm also loving this yellow woodgrain fabric. A few new strap clutches are also in the shop.
I finally found the perfect way to photograph the hair clip bows! Here are a couple of the new ones just added. 
Speaking of bows, I will soon have clip-on bow ties in the shop as well. Some people at shows pick up a fairly gender neutral bow and say how cute it would look as a little boy's bow tie. Or they just assume they are already bow ties! So it will be a reality soon enough. 
Thanks for looking. I'll be back a little later today. See you then.

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  1. Our shops are a lot alike! I love everything you sell, and I especially love the metal zippers, I can't find metal zippers ANYWHERE!

    I just made a plethora of gingham bowties to take to our next show (which is this Saturday!)

    xo, Meghan


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