Thursday, March 22, 2012


We spent the afternoon downtown at Cupcake and wandering around seeing what was going on with Charleston Fashion Week. Tents is what's going on. We went with our completely awesome friends and their cute kids. They're definitely one of the things we're going to miss the most about living here.

I've been loving cream and black lately, and I always love these polka dot mary janes I picked up a long time ago. The simple cotton mary janes you can get for not that much money are one of my favorite shoes for spring and summer.

I can't believe it's Thursday. This week has gone by so fast! And I can't believe this is our last weekend in Charleston. I know it's going to be cool up where we're going, But it's hard leaving such an amazing home. But we built this home here, so Douglas and I can do it anywhere.


  1. You're so cute! The polka dots are completely appropriate for all of those delicious sprinkles!

  2. Adorable outfit! Agh polka dots are so addicting--I've been wearing them almost nonstop for a while now. I have the reverse version of your Mary Janes--black with white dots. I love them so much!

    <3 Sequins

  3. I like your glasses and glasses. I have been Rhodes glasses necklasses making a fashion round. I might need to invest. They are too cute!


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