Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I am obviously that person that always has way too many writing utensils to keep track of, so it's always good for me to have another way to keep up with them. This pen roll-up is a fairly quick sewing project that you can alter to fit whatever utensils you need to store. 
contrasting fabrics (I used vintage upholstery fabric and canvas because of their thickness)
trim/yarn/ribbon (long enough to wrap around the roll a few times)
button (one with a shank works best here)
sewing machine
note: I didn't make a pattern for this. Instead I laid out what pens I planned to use and estimated what size the roll would need to be to hold those pens.
Once you have your main pieces and pocket pieces cut out, pin the like pieces together, right sides together. You're going to sew around the edges of both, leaving a hole to turn them through. I drew where you will sew on the canvas piece in pencil. It's the same for the main piece, too.
Important! Before you sew up the main piece, put your piece of trim inside the two pieces, with a little bit sticking out. This way everything will already be attached when you turn it right side out. When you sew over this part you might want to backstitch over it a few times for reinforcement.
Once you have turned everything, you can topstitch both pieces all the way around, close to the edges. It looks real slick and holds everything together nicely. Plus, it's a good way to close up the holes your turned the pieces through.
Don't forget to sew on your button. I put mine right near where the trim starts so it won't get wrapped up in the roll.
Put your pens on your pocket piece to estimate where you will sew your slot lines.
Mark the lines lightly with a pencil. Pin the piece down where you want it on the main piece, and sew down each line. Also sew around the sides and bottom of the pocket but not the top!

note: if you do the steps in this order, the stitching from attaching the pocket will be exposed on the back of the roll-up - I did it this way because I like exposed stitching. If you want your stitches hidden, sew the pen pocket and slots onto one of the main pieces, then sew the two main pieces together. That way your stitches will be hidden inside when you turn it right-side-out. 
And then you will have a nice little roll-up to hold all of your pens/pencils/whatever. On another note, I cannot stop with this pale pink-mustard yellow color combination. Enjoy!


  1. That looks very cute! I love the fabric too. My new walls will be pale pink;)

    And this is a very clear DIY as well. Thanks!


  2. That's cute and super creative. I never would of even thought of that. Nice job :) x

  3. Ooo so perfect! I love microns and I always have tons of loose pens and pencils in my purse. I should totally make this one of my days off so that I can organize mine!

  4. I'm also a fan of this colour combo! Love this little tute :)

  5. This is so cute and I love the colours of the fabrics you've used. I've been meaning to make a crochet hook holder like this for a long time and might just tackle the task at the weekend!

  6. THis is absolutely adorable! I love the button closure.

  7. I was looking for one of these on ebay but your instructions are so simple that I am definitely going to make my own instead. Thanks for posting XX


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