Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Of the many object addictions I have, things that hold other things is one that might grow stronger each day. So when I found these cute cylinder chip board boxes at a craft store, I knew I had to decorate and put them to use. This is a super easy, relaxing project that you can make to fit any decor, occasion, or use. 
 mod podge (I used matte)
foam brush/paint brush
magazine clippings (I used an old LIFE magazine)
chalkboard paint for tops
scissors/exacto knife
Once you have your clippings cut out, get a rough idea of where you want them to go on your canister. This will help you plan what will overlap and any blank spaces you need to fill. Then start mod podging them on one piece at a time. If you are getting lots of air bubbles, it helps to stick the piece down first, then apply some mod podge over the image and smooth it around with your finger. Messy, but it works!
While your canisters are drying, paint your tops with chalkboard paint. I used three layers for these. Don't forget to cover the sides of your tops with clippings, too! 
I chose to stick with a loose theme for each of my boxes - the big one is kitchen/food, the medium is kid stuff/fun, and the small one is beauty and make-up. It was fun to do it that way because it helped me narrow down what to cut out when I was gathering my clippings. If you make something like this let me now what kind of clippings you use!


  1. Love this! Kind of perfect to organize all the things laying around my desk! I especially love the touch of the chalkboard top to label!

  2. This is so so lovely. The clippings of the old foods are so cute!

  3. This is awesome and I really, really love the chalkboard tops. I think I need to do this, maybe as a Chrsitmas gift. Thanks for sharing!

  4. so organised - i need to do this. Great clippings btw

  5. Oh so cute! I used to collage things with clippings from magazines and pretty paper ALL the time, I've never used vintage clippings though, I MUST hunt for some old magazines now! Eep!



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