Friday, February 10, 2012


I love the fresh and cozy smell of lavender. Lavender can be a nice scent for home, especially for a soothing scent nearby a bed. These little sleepy clouds are perfect for that!
I looked for dried lavender at local craft stores and found none. Luckily I stopped by the local Earth Fare, a natural foods market. They had fresh dried lavender flowers by the ounce! Perfect.
Here's the rest of what you'll need:
You can find a printable pattern for the clouds and eyelids here!
1. Draw or trace clouds and eyelids from your choice of felt colors. Cut everything out.
2. Attach both toy eyes by making small holes in felt with scissors/exacto knife. Sew eyelids on. And don't forget to embroider the little mouth!
3. Starting at one side of the bottom, stitch all the way around the cloud with a simple stitch, leaving the straight edge of the cloud's bottom open for the stuffing. Remember, the rice and lavender will fall out if the stitches are way far apart. Felt stays together pretty well, so don't worry around a little space between stitches, though.
4. Start by filling each of the three round parts with stuffing, so your cloud looks nice and fluffy. Pour in some lavender around the middle of cloud, filling up most of the cloud. Add more or less, depending on your smell preference. Lastly, add some rice at the top, to add a little weight. Stitch up the bottom and get sleepy!
These little guys would make a great little gift for those of you celebrating Galentine's Day. They're quick, easy, and totally useful! So get to it.

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