Friday, January 20, 2012


Any project that allows me to use magazine clippings, mod podge, and results in completely wearable, stylin' piece of jewelry is a project I love. But really, this is cool. It has endless possibilities and only requires a few things. Plus, with the finished result you can make either a pendant for a necklace or a pin. So let's do it! Here's what you'll need:
-wooden discs (mine are 1.5")
-mod podge
-mod podge dimensional magic (available here)
-glue for attaching bails/pins to pendants* 
-jewelry bails (this is what the chain will go through on the back of the pendant)
-small paintbrush or craft sponge
-magazine clippings/pretty paper/anything (see more ideas near end of post)
-optional exacto knife (sometimes handy for trimming)
*a note on glue: after some experimenting I found that Beacon 527 Multi-Use Glue works better than the glue pictured above; it is pictured later in the tutorial
1. Choose the paper that you want to cover your wooden disc with, trace around the disc with pencil, and cut out the circle; Once you have your circle you might need to trim it down a little so it fits right on the disc
2. Brush a light coat of mod podge onto disc, position paper circle, press around to flatten, and let dry completely
3. Start by applying a small circle of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic in the center of the disc, and see how far it spreads out; Apply a little more and use the tip of the bottle to guide the liquid to the edges of the disc *be careful to not apply way too much because it will quickly start to spill over the edge and all hell with break loose* It will look cloudy at first, but it completely clears when dried; Look at the disc from the side to make sure everything is covered
4. Once the topcoat is completely dry (about three hours later or so) use your glue to apply a bail or pin to the back of the disc and let dry; Put a chain through or pin it on 

Here are some more ideas for decorating the wooden discs:
Your really can make any kind of necklace or pin you want to with this idea! And the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic gives the pendants such a finished, complete look. Have fun!


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