Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Last week I had a much needed and way too quick trip home to Athens, GA. I saw friends I hadn't seen in way too long, went on a city wide hunt for gluten free cupcakes, went to Atlanta with my parents to a crazy oriental rug store, got my hair cut, walked around downtown Athens, and relaxed.

1// Community 2// the wallpaper at the salon
3// so many rugs 4// from my mom's garden
5// 6// Bizarro Wuxtry
7// leaving Atlanta


  1. Did you buy a rug? I wish those beautiful things weren't crrrazy expensive!
    I'm so happy to hear you got to catch up with your family and friends. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    I'm missing mine soooo much!


    1. I wish! We went because my parents were getting some of their rugs cleans and repaired. Some of the rugs at that place were so gorgeous. It was definitely great to see everyone - hoping it will happen again soon - do you have any visits planned?

  2. Nothing seriously planned yet but we might be able to save up enough to go to New Zealand next year for a visit. Can I please just win the lottery already??

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time, some lovely shots! It's always so exciting to see friends that you haven't seen in ages, so much to catch up on isn't there!!


  4. That wallpaper is stunning, love love love. <3

  5. I've never been to Athens before, but after seeing these photos, I think I need to plan a road trip!

    Anyway, I'm in LOVE with your ombre nobbed jewelry storage solution. Would it be okay to include one photo and a link to your project in my round-up on Monday? If that's cool with you, just let me know!

    The Thinking Closet
    (email: thethinkingcloset {at} gmail {dot} com

    1. That's totally fine! Thanks for asking - send me a link to the post! Emailing you just in case you miss this!


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