Thursday, April 25, 2013


I receive so many kind words and encouraging thoughts from you all about my little handmade business - my shop re-opening, everyday work photos, all my craft show experiences. So thank you a lot a lot for everything. I just updated the shop with some new things and want to offer 15% off your purchase through May 5, no minimum purchase required. After May 5, I will be closing my shop for about two weeks for vacation. Here's what's new:
Some summery new hair bows - I will never get over mint or mustard. So I live with it. 
And I added some bags with my first screen printed fabric design. It's a simple geometric pattern, some printed in black, some in gold. There are also a handful of new child-sized clip-on bow ties if you have a child to decorate. Have a look around the shop.

I plan to add more coin pouches and shoulder bags to the shop this weekend, so check back. Thank you all. Have a good weekend.


  1. You do such lovely work. I love your dainty patterns!

  2. Well, I'm going over right now! Thanks for a lovely discount...

  3. Those little money pouches are adorable! I am faving your shop!


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