Tuesday, April 16, 2013


always have with me:
wallet • phone • little film camera • lip balms • double-sided sharpie • strawberry hi-chews • pocket knife
vintage Coach purse thrifted // shared here

I really enjoy creating and seeing other people's "What's In My Bag" posts, both because I'm curious to see what others carry and use on a daily basis, but I also really just like arranging things and taking photos of it all. I've been extremely busy getting ready for Spring Bada Bing (this Saturday!), so I really needed to take a break and do something bloggy, even it was just this. 

ps - you can see my vendor spotlight article on the Spring Bada Bing blog here if you're interested


  1. Burts Bees! Always a must :) I'm a nosy person who loves seeing what's in peoples bags too!

  2. I love how you have a pocket knife. Scouts honor for life xx

  3. I really like the shape of your bag, its so unique!

  4. The print on your zipper pouch is so cute! Actually, everything here has a nice geometric theme to it. And I agree, I love seeing what's in other people's bags.

    - Trina, This Ginger

  5. your wallet is so darling! i always have burts bees with me as well, what is the blue kind though?!

    lindsey louise



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