Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I've always loved looking through stacks of old postcards at antique malls, but it's easy to end up with a stack at home and nothing to do with them. If you keep an eye out for postcards with the same subject, like buildings or beaches, you can frame them together and make some nice and easy wall art. 
supplies needed:
vintage postcards (look for them at antique malls or flea markets)
frame (I chose a cheap, simple clip frame)
masking or washi tape
double-sided tape
paper for your background
First you'll need to make the background to put your postcards on. I pieced sheets of old graph paper together because it looked nice with the blues in my postcards. You can also just turn over the paper that comes in the frame if you want plain white. 
Line up all your postcards, then tape them down. Using masking or washi tape is good because it's easy to remove from the postcards if you ever want to use them for something else. 
Then you'll have something nice and new (and kind of old) to hang in your home. I do love a nice and quick project.


  1. Great idea using the graphing paper as a background! Its something I never would have thought of using.

  2. i love how you picked a theme for the postcards to make it feel like a really cohesive little collection! my friend recently mailed me a stack of vintage cat postcards and i have been debating what to do with them— i think i'll definitely make a little wall gallery for all of them!

  3. my favorite thing about this is that you actually DID something with them. i've got so many stacks of random things lying around, it's inspiring to see you take action about them!

  4. Your blog and DIYs are adorable :)

    <3 Lauren at in between idols.

  5. Hi, nice to meet you.
    you have a wonderful blog and.....a new follower!!
    bye Alessandra

  6. It's really a fun project, i have enjoyed this vintage postcard wall art, many thanks for sharing this amazing DIY wall art project.



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