Tuesday, December 25, 2012


When Santa came to my primary school for pictures, all I wanted to do was get my picture taken with him. Because I was six. And it was what everyone else was doing. Despite being Jewish, Santa still had some sort of intrigue and excitement surrounding him. And I wanted a piece of it. My dad said he would only let me do it if I wore my Hanukkah dress. I don't know if you are getting the entire effect of the dress just from the picture. It's bright royal blue, has gold coin buttons, and dreidels around the hem, accompanied, of course, by lyrics from The Dreidel Song. The headband bow. The dreidel tights. The white mock turtleneck. Oh, how I wish I still had it for my future child. 

I still remember how Santa smoothed out my dress for the picture as I climbed into his lap and how he said, "Oh. What a nice dress." I wish so much that I could have heard what he said to the photography after I left. 

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!


  1. So adorable! Your face is my absolute favorite part, you look so sure of yourself and pleased with your decision. Way to rock the dreidel chick!

  2. This is a fantastic photo and you are wearing the perfect outfit (all the way down to the tights!) for your Santa photo. Gladly following your lovely and creative space now on GFC. All the best - Monica


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