Friday, November 9, 2012


1// scraps of hand-printed fabric 2// new favorite socks
3// 4// at Doumar's with Elizabeth
5// chalkboard weekly calendar 6// big prints of Europe photos
7// sad chapstick makes me happy 8// our Halloween decoration
9// popcorn and Breaking Bad 10// hearts in heart
or these past few weeks:
• got accepted into three holiday craft markets in Norfolk/Virginia Beach - the first one is tomorrow!
• had an amazing, much-needed visit with my best friend Elizabeth...she stayed for a week and we girled it up hard
• Douglas started work and his new schedule is rough (a 24-hour shift every third day for now...)
• continued to decorate and settle in to our new place (can't wait to share room-by-room pictures)

• Six Feet Under
thedesigncenter tumblr
best film synopsis ever
• finding new favorite places
• Wreck-It Ralph...okay, I didn't expect to love this. It was so much cuter than I expected. 


  1. I totally agree about Wreck-It Ralph. I expected to like it, but I walked out loving it. And that schedule sounds nasty!

  2. Always a love: Six Feet Under, I will never get sick of that show. As for decorating, that's always so fun! I cannot wait to see photos! Love your hearts in hearts photo.

  3. Love the printed fabric and the black and white photos above the bed look! hope the show went well x


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