Monday, October 29, 2012


I carved pumpkins every year with my mom, but this was my first time carving them with Douglas. We set up some cardboard we had on hand and carved out on our balcony. It was the first time we've really sat out there for awhile since we don't have chairs out there yet. And it was really really nice.

I tried to be fancy and use a linoleum carver for my skull pumpkin. Love Martha Stewart but girl gave me some unrealistic expectations as to how easy this would be. So luckily Douglas went old school on his and made the cutest jack-o-lantern ever. We took the last picture standing on our street looking up at our balcony. Mine is also lit right next to his. Yeah. Let's not talk about it. I loved doing this together though. It was our first fun fall thing we did together at our new place. And the pumpkin innards didn't smell quite as miserable as I remembered. So it was a complete win-win.

The weather here isn't so bad yet. I hope every one on the east coast stays safe.


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