Friday, October 12, 2012


1// our big kitchen windowsill 2// pile of stuff as left by the movers
3// pistachio baklava 4// painting love
• painted most of the rooms in our apartment with Douglas
• started to get to know our new town and explored a little
• cooked our first meal in our new home...grilled cheese
• got all of stuff delivered and looked at it lying on the floor in big ol' piles
• obsessed over ideas and ways to decorate and arrange our new home

this little comic
ultimate dog shaming
Peel Wall Light
this bright home (and this whole website)
this little drawing from mlbe
five am

We're off to a few yard sales this morning to find some cool stuff for our place - have a great weekend!


  1. moving is the worst but at least grilled cheese was involved! the sunset pictures are lovely— it's nice to see i'm not the only one that gets up at 5 am! and i love that spaghetti comic so much but i haven't seen it in awhile haha. can't wait to see what you found at the yard sales!

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  3. That bright house - my goodness it's beautiful! Fresh and airy, bright and organized. It's adorable.

    I love and hate moving. l love it because it's a blank slate, I can do anything; however, the moving process kind of sucks. I like going through all of my stuff, getting rid of things I no longer need, give to others, take out a lot of trash, and box it up nice and pretty, but then it's almost overwhelming to unbox it all and put it where you think you want it to go for the foreseeable future. I wish you all the luck! I hope you find some neat items from your treasure hunt at the yard sales.

  4. I love your blog! Very clean and minimal yet has a lot to offer. :) I hope you have time to visit my blog!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad I did! Newest follower here :) I have never had pistachios in my baklava, but I think this is something I may have to make just to try it because it sounds delicious!

    Also, your post about the Adirondack Balloon Festival had me very nostalgic; I used to vacation there when I was a kid every year!

  6. Grilled Cheese - what a fittingly cozy first meal in a new home! I hope you found some good stuff at the yard sales!

    PS - I nominated you for a Liebster! check it out here :)


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