Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Get ready. This is the dorkiest post I've ever done. But I just have to. Douglas and I were at CVS the other night, and this bottle of nail polish just spoke so sweetly to me. And then I realized why. It's totally Wes Anderson yellow (examples one, two, and three...okay four). I love how he works this color into his posters, sets, costumes, anything. I have a deep love for unmistakable, distinct style in movies, art, clothes - the kind that you see and immediately know who made it. So when I saw this color and immediately thought of Wes Anderson, I loved it because it's one of my favorite aspects of his style.
On another note, I highly recommend this brand of nail polish called Spoiled. It's by Wet n Wild (a brand our inner teenagers all know and love) but exclusively sold at CVS. The brush is the best I've used and every color I've used so far is perfect after two coats. Just lettin' you know. 


  1. the colour is great, it's just what I'm looking for to match my dress for a wedding I'm going to at the weekend! sadly tho I pretty sure there's no CVS in the UK so will have to find something similar :)

    p.s i do love wes anderson's films - i reckon life would look pretty sweet if it were like a wes anderson movie...

  2. This post is NOT dorky, well...if it is it's perfectly so! I LOVE his yellow theme running through his movies as well, and that's a great color. I never shop at CVS, and now I can't wait to go find that brand of polish! So Thanks for that!!!


    p.s. I need to see that movie!

  3. i just blogged some behind the scenes shots of moonrise kingdom a week or two ago so OBVIOUSLY i love this color! hope you enjoyed the movie— i feel like it took forever to finally come to my city!

  4. I adore this color. Mustard yellow is hard to pull off, but you rock it!

    Just found your blog and I absolutely love it!

    New Follower Here!


  5. dorky is good! love this polish and i'm glad to hear about spoiled. i'm always looking for a great cheap brand :)

  6. yes! I love this post :) haha. I can't believe it slipped past me! Also, I'm going to have to copy you and find myself a bottle of that polish! I can never find anything that goes good with my skin tone, it seems like, but I have a feeling that wes-anderson-yellow might just work. hm! Thanks, lady!


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