Tuesday, September 11, 2012


1// my favorite rug
2// working on a DIY
3// the best soup cans ever
4// squirrel eating crabapples while I was outside
5// Douglas's birthday cannoli

We have been having a lot of lazy days since Douglas qualified after passing his final test. His usual twelve or thirteen hour days have been reduced, so we have had more time together in the past week than we have had in a long time. And it's been awesome. It's the best just hanging around the apartment, working on projects or sewing while he plays video games. 

Today is his birthday, so we're just relaxing some more, and later we're going to his favorite sushi place with a friend. I got these cannoli for dessert tonight - they're from the Italian grocery store up the road. They fill them there. It's amusing. We went to this store a few months ago for the first time, and I knew I wanted to go back and get these for his birthday. Can't believe it's already here. 

Hope you all have a nice Tuesday. 


  1. I'm so in love with that rug! That squirrel's tail seems abnormally long to me...maybe in Texas they have short tails? Happy Birthday to him! It's nice you guys are getting so much time together, my guy is a teacher so during the summer I get so much time with him, it's hard to adjust when he goes back..


  2. I adore that rug. Where did you find such a masterpiece?

  3. That rug is so awesome :) and, that cannoli looks soooooo tasty.

  4. Happy Birthday to that darling husband of yours! :)

  5. That picture of that squirrel is nuts! No pun intended...okay maybe a little bit.

  6. Happy Birthday to Douglas!
    I love your blog header and photos, by the way! Super sweet squirrel! We have one visiting our yard every day and I leave nuts for it under a tree. :-)
    Katie (and Ben)

  7. I want the lug!!! It's so cute!!!
    The soups!! I love the design!!!! I love Andy Warhol!!

  8. you know why they fill canolis on site? so they don't get soggy sitting in the case! i had friends who worked at an italian bakery so now i'm the awful snob who has to make sure my canolis are always filled fresh. those look great, and it's nice to hear you've had some extra time together lately :)


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