Monday, September 24, 2012


Douglas surprised me this past Friday with an early birthday present - spending the day in New York City and seeing one of the first showings of The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the city that night. Even though we got to the city at around 10am and left at around 11 that night, time didn't fly by like it likes to when you're somewhere exciting with limited time. We had time to just wander around and explore and be together. It's hard to say this about anything lately because we've been so stressed about moving, but we truly enjoyed every second we were there. Looking back on it, all of these three days later, it was one of the best days I've ever had.
We went to Sockerbit, this candy store that I've wanted to go to forever. It was so cool inside, and all of the candy was so cute and pretty. We especially loved it because all of the candy is weird and Swedish, and it's stuff we'd never had before. 
We walked around Chinatown for most of the morning. It's so crazy. I love all the little knick-knacks everywhere and the markets with food I'll never know what it is  We ate lunch there, which was awesome because Douglas loves Chinese food a lot
We headed over to Greenwich Village later in the afternoon, near the movie theater, so we wouldn't be late. While wandering around there, we ran into a really awesome handmade marketplace and a few other little shops. We passed a little pizza place, and Douglas said, "Look, a Gino's Italian Ice logo, like the place Louie gets pizza," referring to the opening sequence of the show Louie. We're huge Louis CK fans. Next thing we know, we're right up on the Comedy Cellar, the club that he performs in for the show. It was just a really cool little bonus to the day since we weren't even looking for it, and it's a show that we love watching together.

So that's a little bit of what our last little trip to NYC looked like. We're packing and dealing with moving stuff this week - which is actually one of the worst things one can do. I hope your weeks are starting off well.


  1. That does sound like such an amazing and lovely day together in New York City. Definitely sounds like something I'd like to do myself! :)

  2. Some of my favorite days with my boyfriend are the ones where we have nowhere to be and nothing to do but be together and wander around. Did that candy place have Swedish fish??

  3. that is like a little candy ikea! those little heart things are so cute and i want them. i have never been to NYC and every time anyone posts a single picture i get all antsy and start trolling for cheap tickets. seriously. i need to go.

    glad your list trip (for a while) was so great! and extra bonus for louis ck! netflix keeps telling me to watch it, maybe i will?


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