Friday, September 21, 2012


1// rainy day 2// puffy sneakers
3// fries at Ravenous 4// a yard sale of cats

• got all our moving paperwork taken care of
• spent time around town enjoying the fall weather
• looked at so much stuff online about the Norfolk area - I can't stop
• started collecting interior design inspiration images for our new place - can't wait to get there and start looking

ate: lots of cereal (it's hard to be motivated to cook when we're about to move) •  strawberries
watched: Hotel Hell (not sure I enjoyed it, love Gordon Ramsay though) • The Voice

Aaron Paul at Fashion Week
Past Life Analysis
this beautiful child's room
this photostream
Sh*t Girls Say 4 (I'll never get over this)
World Map Carpets


  1. I loved Aaron Paul at Fashion Week. He looked so sad and confused as to why he was in the front row!

  2. Cats!!!! I love it!!! I wanna go thrift shopping!!
    and those fries?? I want SOME!!
    Happy packing! :)

  3. Haha we've watched all of the Hotel Hell episodes on Hulu! I love Gordon Ramsay, too, so naturally wanted to watch it. It's not as good as the restaurant ones, it seems like he's even more negative, but I love the idea of owning an inn, so I see it as research :)Happy Fall!

  4. hahaha - I hadn't seen that one of shit girls say, cracks me up :)
    that map carpet is awesome! glad to hear the move prep is going well!

  5. Oh man, such great stuff. Aaron Paul's face expressions are priceless. The wallpaper and chevron blanket in that kid's room is gorgeous. I want a world map rug SO bad now!



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