Friday, September 14, 2012


1// Stewart's late at night always 2// the best rainbow ever

• set up at my last Saratoga Artisans and Crafters' Market
• celebrated Douglas's birthday
• found out where we'll be spending the next three years (I'll share more later)

ate:so many tacos
listened to: Animal Collective • so many nostalgic songs while backing up my old computer
watched: All On The Line Season 2 • Jockeys (perfect for our last few weeks here)

Sophie Roach
this floral illustration
Evolution of the Lego Logo
this stripey shirt
• everything about this apartment
this cute and sparkly ring

Thanks for all the suggestions on shows/movies to watch! They all sound great - can't wait to watch them all...and maybe work while doing it. 

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  1. Sounds like a great week! Especially if you ate so many tacos haha. And I absolutely LOVE that apartment! I could see myself living there. <3


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