Friday, September 7, 2012


1// Bettie's Cupcakes 2// excited about soup cans
3// a favorite downtown building 4// at the races (clueless)

• said goodbye to track season - remembered how quiet it was around here when we first moved
• enjoyed extra time with Douglas now that he's qualified (!!!)
• was extremely unsettled because we are moving at the end of this month and don't know where to yet

ate: Biscoff spread and toast • homemade soft pretzels to celebrate Douglas passin his final test •
listened to: this
watched: Project Runway • The Glee Project
missed: fall in Athens

Tauba Auerbach
Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics
tiny skulls ring on etsy
• cuddling

So I'm running out of things to watch when I'm sewing and working. Do any of you guys have suggestions for tv shows or movies that I should watch that are on Netflix/available online? I would love some suggestions!


  1. I'm not sure if it's available online or if you have watched it, but I love New Girl and Big Bang Theory. My two favourite shows (besides from cartoons haha)

    Biscoff spread is the best! Although it's called differently where I live (in The Netherlands).

  2. I'd have to agree with Daphne: New Girl and Big Bang Theory hands down. I've been watching a lot of That '70s Show lately,if you're a fan. Oh wow,I love the feel of that cupcake place!

  3. Hm! It's tough choosing something you wanna watch while you're workin' on stuff, 'cause you want it to be good, but something you don't feel guilty about not devoting your full attention to, right? Ah man, now I can't think of any suggestions! haha. and it's tough with comedy, because a lot of the hilarity is visual and you miss a lot of that when your focus is on something else. Like the weird facial expressions or the awkward pauses. But! if you want comedy anyway, then Traffic Light is surprisingly entertaining (and it's on netflix!) and Parks & Recreation is good stuff. I tend to watch more dramatic sorts of things when I work on stuff, because it's easier to follow along with my ears instead of my eyes. Documentaries are good too! because you get to learn stuff while ya work on stuff! Ack! I'm typing too much. SORRY! I'll stop now.

  4. I dunno if I mentioned it to you yet, but I'm sort of into supernatural right now, and I'm enjoying the campiness/intense CW acting. Have you watched all the new prelelesed pilots for this season yet? Definitely watch the new normal and go on. I think you'll luv them.

  5. ooooo those soup cans! i've got to get to target :)

    with regards of what to watch, well i guess i was the last person in the world to get into "how i met your mother" but there are 6 full seasons on netflix & i've just recently finished them all. SO GOOD. if you're into things a little more dramatic - bones & numbers are very good/smart.


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