Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today is a sewing day. I have the Saratoga Artists and Crafters's Market tomorrow, but also I really want to get some new stuff up in the shop. I love my little workspace. Today is also a making-refried-beans-for-the-first-time day, which involves me constantly running back and forth to the kitchen to make sure things aren't going horribly wrong.


  1. love that little aeroplane print fabric - a friend went to new york and bought some of it in purl soho - I was, and am, still v.jealous! Hope the show goes well tomorrow :)

  2. looks like a pretty exciting day! good luck with the beans! i'm sure they'll turn out awesome!

  3. I can't wait for my days to be like this soon, the boyfriend is on summer break (he's a teacher) so I spend my day's off at home hanging out with him and going on bike rides and the movies rather than sewing. School starts soon and I will have more time to get to work and I can't wait.

    I LOVE those fabrics, they are all so cute and perfect. Refried beans sound delicious! Good Luck!


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