Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We went to an estate sale in Albany on Saturday morning. The house was packed both with stuff and people. The former owner was apparently this huge narcotics officer who traveled around the world. So there was a lot of interesting more expensive stuff. There was also an entire room full of his stamp collection. The first room we went in had a huge bin of awesome, vintage sunglasses, and I got so excited. And they were all extremely strong prescription. Oh well! Here's the finds we did end up with:
Whiting and Davis Co. mesh pouch
office rack to use for market table display; I also got the wire trays in the first picture to use for display
table top pencil sharpener (love the lettering and detail lines)
old Lake George Mickey tee and handmade apron

unopened personalized stamp printing kit

This stamp kit is the perfect example of something I would never go out and buy, but now that I have it, I have so many uses for it. Love thrifting just for that reason. Compared to Charleston, there are very few thrifting opportunities. So when a good sale like this one comes around, I get really excited. Have you had any good thrifty finds lately?


  1. Ooooh! You snagged such great stuff!
    I really want a stamping kit.

  2. Oh my goodness such great finds! I love that stamp kit! How perfect!!! That pencil sharpener reminds me of my dad for some reason...I'll have to ask him if he had on like it or something.


  3. I love all of this! I recently thrifted a vintage Mickey Sweatshirt, we must be getting the same thrifting wave lengths or something. I hate that there aren't more estate sale opportunities for you.

  4. Goood good stuff!! The gold mesh bag...love!! And that stamp kit... LOVE!


  5. Ohhh I love the stamp kit. I had a big one as a kid and it came with a set of animal stamps too. Wonder where it is now! x

  6. That stamp is completely amazing. I've been looking into one like that too, but have no idea how often I would use it! Great find!

    Also, I nominated you for a liebster award. If you are interested, you can find out more information here:

  7. So jealous of the stamp kit find! Great blog!


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