Saturday, August 18, 2012


This past Thursday was my fifth week setting up at the Saratoga Artists and Crafters' Market. I've gotten pretty efficient (well at least a little more efficient) at setting everything up then taking it down at the end of the day. Something new to my display that has made a huge difference are the display racks that Douglas gave me for our anniversary. You can see some mini pouches on one in the first picture. They're racks made to hold cd's or brochures, so they're perfect for displaying bags so people can look and see all the different fabrics without searching through bins like before.

The felt banner I made in Charleston (last picture) for my first show ever is getting a little raggedy. So making a pretty new banner is on my to-do-soon list.

Happy weekend! This weekend isn't much of a weekend here. Douglas is working all weekend, and I'm starting to prepare for my parents visit next week! I can't wait.


  1. I love the set up! And every single bag, especially the shark one :) I'm looking over your etsy shop to see which one I want to buy! I love the ones with the over the shoulder string.

  2. Always love your set up and bags, love those fabrics, especially the pixel squares and the sharks!!!


  3. I can't get over how PERFECT that rack is for you!!!


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