Saturday, February 11, 2012


I recently went to a craft meet up and etched two small drinking glasses. I was so excited to find a new process that's overall pretty quick and painless - and with such neat and polished results. Since that, I've etched the other two small glasses in the set (a perfect little gift!) and found three tumblers that were perfect for some retro-inspired etching. Take a look!
I had so much fun making these! All I used was blue painter's tape, a paintbrush, and my little jar of etching cream. The designs were simple - just thin strips of tape placed in different arrangements. I love the simple, geometric style these had in the end. 
A personalized set of little glasses make such a sweet little gift for someone. I made this set for Douglas.  I used stencils I made out of adhesive vinyl and some vinyl letter stickers I had. 

Glass etching has so much potential for making some really cool stuff. Think of all the glassware in thrift stores! All of the glasses I used here came from Goodwill. So many good tips and tutorials for etching glass can be found  around the web and through Pinterest - a perfect way to perfect your method. I cant wait to do more. If anyone has any experience with etching glass, let me know what you've done!


  1. This is really fun. I did this as a gift for my husband's grooms men. I think they could have turned out better. I give it another try, love your designs.

  2. I totally tried glass etching with Armour Etch and a foam didn't work :( it told me to rinse off after 60 seconds, so I waited 10 minutes, naturally haha, and it all came off!

    xo. Nicole

  3. @Nicole Franson
    Aw! Yeah Armour Etch is kind of hit or miss, at least with my experience. I tried to etch a few canisters before these and absolutely nothing happened. I know that it won't work on Pyrex or that type of glass.

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