Sunday, November 27, 2011


Plain white sanctuary candles are really awesome. They're self-contained in glass when you buy them, which means no wax everywhere and no extra candle holders needed. They burn slowly, really evenly, and last a long time because of their height. And most importantly, they let off a nice, soft glow. They're also really easy to decorate to give them a little extra style. 
I found my candles at Publix for about $1.50 each. I've also seen them at Wal-Mart, in other colors besides white. You only need a few other things to decorate them in four different ways!
The possibilities are endless with how you could decorate a candle with fabric strips. It would be so easy to make holiday and seasonal candles with different color and patterned fabric.   
You will need:
1. a few fabric scraps of your choice (the brighter, the prettier the light will shine through!)
2. Xyron sticker maker with permanent sticker cartridge
1. Pick your fabric and cut out the number of strips you want for your candle. My strips were about a quarter of an inch and 7.5" long to fit around my candle.
2. Run strips through sticker maker. Make sure to guide them through because the fabric tends to go off to the side, slipping away from the sticker-making area.
3. Follow sticker maker directions, peel off fabric strips, and apply to candles. 

This idea would work with any kind of magazine clippings, but I love old magazine text and really love how the candlelight looks shining through.
You will need:
1. a page or so of text from a magazine; I prefer to use a page from an older magazine because the aged color of the paper looks neat with the light shining through (mine came from a 1970's issue of LIFE)
2. a one-inch circle punch
3. a piece of cardstock to put under the magazine sheet because it's hard to get cleanly punched edges with thin magazine paper
4. Xyron sticker maker with permanent cartridge
1. With cardstock and magazine page together, punch out as many circles as you want to cover your candle with dots
2. Run circles through sticker maker
3. Follow sticker maker directions and stick circles all over candle in a polka dot fashion

Another idea that could easily be used to make holiday and seasonal decorative candles. Glitter is always good. 
You will need:
1. fine glitter; I used Martha Stewart smoky quartz and aquamarine crystal
2. double-sided tape
1. Apply first strip of tape around candle
2. Shake on glitter and tap candle into palm to remove excess
3. Use a soft paintbrush to brush of glitter stuck to glass
4. Repeat strip by strip until you have as many glitter stripes as you want

I love the look of twine wrapped around...most anything. So a sanctuary candle is no exception. This creates a simple looking candle that looks good with most any other type of decor.
You will need:
1. cotton twine
2. any glue that dries clear; Elmer's never lets you down
1. Cut a long piece of twine
2. Begin wrapping twine around the candle, pushing it snugly against itself as you wrap
3. Once you have enough twine wrapped around to hold itself on the candle, put a dot of glue where you began wrapping and rub it around so it covers the first few rows, gluing them together into place
4. Finish wrapping the twine so it covers as much of the candle as you want
5. Dot some glue at the end of the twine, like at the beginning, and rub around the secure the end of the twine in place
I love this project because, with a few basics, there are endless possibilities for all the beautifully decorated sanctuary candles you can make for any space and any occasion. Have fun!


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